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Set the Stage for Success

I have found in order to maintain a positive work space you must keep the energy and enthusiasm alive throughout the work day. The best way to do this is to start out first thing in the morning. Remember, you are the leader and it is your job to set the tone for the day. There are a few easy activities that you can do within the first 15 minutes of your day connect with your team and send a positive message.

To start everything off it is important for you to be the first one into the office in the morning. Get your day started by getting your workspace ready to go before your employees come in. Greet your employees as they walk in and pump them up for a great day. Don’t talk business until everyone’s shift starts. I have to say this step is a work in progress for me. I’m usually late for work so I have been making an effort to arrive at least 15 minutes early to prepare for the day. So far since the New Year has started I have been better at being to work on time.

Next, if your time allows, hold a short morning meeting or huddle. This will allow you to set the stage for the day ahead. First start the meeting with a 3 minute ice breaker by asking for volunteers to share good things that have happened to them, their family, the community or a co worker in the past week. Starting off on a positive note will get everyone in the right mindset to perform at their best. After everyone has shared, discuss the agenda for the day and any other information that might need to be shared.

Lastly, leave the huddle with words of encouragement. Throughout the day check in with your employees, send out recognition cards, and give positive verbal reinforcement. If you keep it positive then the rest of your team will follow!

Feel free to leave comments or leave suggestions on how you energize your team!


One comment on “Set the Stage for Success

  1. This is an excellent refresher, I should start finding more ways I can recognise my team!

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