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Effective Coaching

Today I am going to share with you a process to follow that will increase effectiveness of your coaching. This process entails four simple steps that help you illustrate the lesson or information that you are trying to get across.

The first step is TELL: Give complete verbal instructions of the task or process that needs to be completed. Be sure to go over all steps verbally and be very thorough and straight forward with what you expect. State the reason why it needs to be done in the way you are describing and how it relates to the overall vision of team, department or company. Make sure to answer any questions before you move on to the next step.

The second step is SHOW:  Demonstrate to your employee how you would like to see the process done. Once they see you perform the task it will be easier for them to understand what exactly you are looking for. Having verbal and visual instruction usually enhances the message and understanding.

The third step is DO: After showing what you want to see done then it’s time to do it together. The collaboration will reinforce the employee’s understanding of the task and give you the opportunity to help if they are not successful during the practice run.

The last step is REVIEW: Do a quick recap of everything you talked about. Ask if they have any questions and be sure to reiterate the value this task has to the team, department or overall company vision.

Even though I have not included this as a step, the most important part of the whole process is the follow-up piece. Make sure you follow the progress and check back in with them periodically. Hopefully these 4 easy steps will make your next coaching session easier!


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