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Having Tough Conversations

Being a leader isn’t always fun and exciting. There will be those times where you have to have serious conversations to address concerns that are impacting the work environment. In my last blog I talked about focusing on the positive, while you should always continue to do this, you also need to address any problems […]

Moving Away From the “Gotcha” Mentality

Your boss calls you into his/her office and what is the first thing you think about? Most people would automatically think that they were in trouble. That’s because most managers focus on what you do wrong and neglect what you do right. This is called the “Gotcha” mentality because when your manager only focuses on […]

Leadership Test Drive

When I think about leadership there is always one quote that I remember my professor saying that has stuck with me over the last few months…“The number one reason why people leave their job is because of their managers”.  So why aren’t managers focusing on ways to improve the satisfaction of their “internal customers” or […]